ROKOR™ is a new wave cricket brand evolving alongside the players and fans of today. Our culture is not only shaped by the past, but also the aspirations and beliefs of the now generation. 

ROKOR™ will always push forwards, embrace modernisation, innovation and representation. With bold, stylish and relevant designs, breathing a new life and energy into the game.

We go beyond simply offering cricket equipment; it is about catalyzing a cultural shift within the sport, one that embraces change, celebrates diversity, and paves the way for a more exciting and inclusive future.

behind the brand
founders STORY

Hi, I'm Rob, the Founder & Director of ROKOR™, if you have got this far, nice to meet you!

That's me, definitely an "Insta V Reality" picture, playing a few years back for the greatest supporters club, The Barmy Army.

I have been building a cricket business for nearly 4 years, leading up to the launch of ROKOR on the 22nd January 2023.

My aim is not just to build the coolest cricket brand across the globe (because cricket really needs one!) but to meet new and amazing people all over the world, and give back to a game that has given me so much. For every one of my customers, some now good friends, will all tell you that seeing other people succeed is a huge satisfaction for me, especially those that fight through adversity and never give up.. I'm with you.

I hope to share many memories with players that choose ROKOR to score their runs, so I can look back in years to come knowing that I played just a small part of someone's enjoyment or success.

Have fun, dream big, take risks and play with a smile on your face - you can't go far wrong with that.

Rob - Founder, ROKOR™