R2.0 | "RIOT" | Limited Edition Cricket Bat
R2.0 | "RIOT" | Limited Edition Cricket Bat

R2.0 | "RIOT" | Limited Edition Cricket Bat

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The RIOT is ZERO FUSS. For those who care only for scoring BIG runs! 

The RIOT now comes in a new and extremely affordable ENFORCER grade of willow. Maximum performance and value for money. 

Key Features:

  • Round Handle - Maximum control and comfort 
  • Pimpled grip - No loss of grip even with wet gloves
  • Mid-Low middle - For hitting big
  • Tapered toe - Light pickup and perfect balance to create unrivalled bat speed 
  • Slightly rounded edges - Stop bat shock and grip twist
  • New ENFORCER Grade - (Link to grading here)
  • Premium English Willow - Sourced from JS Wrights & Sons, UK

Designed for all-round batting performance and created by master bat-makers with over 25 years experience. The R2.0 RIOT gives you the confidence to go out there and give it 110%! A never give up attitude and a match winner. 

The characteristics of the ROKOR cricket bat suits those players that embody the UNDERDOG spirit. You are gritty, determined and fiery. You will not take no for an answer. 

Remember to knock your bat in PROPERLY - This helps you clear the ropes and keep your bat for many seasons to come. 

All our bats are made within the new laws set by the MCC. 

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